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Oscar for Best Production Design: Colorful Presentations For All 5 Nominees (2017)

The Best Production Design category at the Oscars is always a mishmash of colorful designs and intricate sets, and the nominees for 2017 are no exception. Nominated films include Beauty and the Beast, Blade Runner 2049, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk and The Shape of Water.

Each of these films required a very different look, with their own unique challenges. Beauty and the Beast features incredibly detailed designs for the Beast’s castle and its various inhabitants. Blade Runner 2049 created a bold look of the future, with monochromatic skies and technologically advanced cityscapes. Darkest Hour and Dunkirk both recreated iconography from British history. Darkest Hour features spitting images of Winston Churchill’s chambers and Buckingham Palace specifically from the ’40s, while Dunkirk includes period-specific planes and ships, in addition to recreating the mole. Then there’s The Shape of Water, the only film here that did not require working off previous designs but still features the striking teals of water and intricate designs for the apartments and facility.

Check out lookbooks for all five of this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Production Design below and be sure to vote below for which designs you found most impressive. Use the arrows on the bottom left of each presentation to flip through.



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